Essentially, transition is a large central roped off area where you change from doing one sport to the next and keep all your gear while you are out swimming, riding and running. Depending on the size of the triathlon, there can be rows and rows of bike racks with signs around the perimeter saying; Swim Entry, Bike Exit, Bike Entry and Run Exit.

It can get a little chaotic during a triathlon with people running in and out. The best thing you can do is get yourself organised, have an idea of where you are going and just go. Remember, the clock is still running while you are in transition and while your time isn’t so important for your first couple tri’s, now is not the time to fix your hair and makeup.

To rack your bike, you just hook either the seat or brakes over the long horizontal poles. Spread your towel out beside your bike. Place your helmet on your handle bars or your towel for easy access. Lay the rest of your gear out on the towel. Get your shoes ready to slip into, untie and loosen the laces.

T1: When you finish the swim, you will run to transition and get ready for your bike ride. Take your cap and goggles off and put your riding clothes and shoes on. You must put your helmet on before you take your bike off the racks. Push your bike through transition to the Bike Exit sign. You are not allowed to ride your bike through transition and you have to cross over the ‘bike mounting line’ just outside the transition before you can get on. Have a good ride.

T2: When you get back to transition, you do the same as you just did in reverse. Hop off your bike at the ‘bike dismount line’ just before transition, push your bike through transition back to your spot. Rack your bike, then take off your helmet. Get into your running gear and head out the Run Exit sign.

I know that sounds confusing, but practice it a few times before your triathlon and it will make sense.