In2 Triathlons

It wasn’t that long ago that I did my first Tri and I still remember it vividly. In fact, I don’t think I will ever forget the way I felt as I crossed that finish line for the first time. It was amazing; I couldn’t stop smiling for days!

But I also remember how nervous and uncertain I felt beforehand. As so many of us do these days, I went looking for information on the internet and was frustrated by the lack of info for someone like me, a busy 43 year old woman with a family and job, just wanting to know the ins and outs of doing a small triathlon.

The first triathlon I ever did was a Triathlon Pink in Sydney 5 years ago. A small group of us out in the Hawkesbury were incredibly lucky to have a very experienced triathlete, Mick Ferris, as our coach. I know I couldn’t have achieved half of what I have done without his support and encouragement. From that first year with just 9 women doing Tri Pink, we have grown to over 60 women, men and kids having a great time tri-ing.

Over the years I have continued to train and do triathlons while becoming a Level 1 Tri Coach. During that time I have also gathered information and insights to help you get in 2 triathlons. This site is designed to answer many of your basic questions and I have also written a book that covers everything in much more detail. At the end of every page on this site I could put, “for more information on - check out the shop”. But I don’t really like that on website, so I am just going to say it here. For more information, stories, tips and training ideas, have a look at the books in the shop.

While training for that first Tri, one of the women we were training with was actually going through breast cancer treatment at the time. From the amazing friendships that have developed and Jodie’s inspiration, we created a charity to support local women and their families going through breast cancer. A percentage from each of the books sold on this site will go to the Pink Finss Charity. For more information on the charity, go to

Maria Miller